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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Nonlinear Models

View Resource An Epidemic Applet

This simulation applet shows percent of infection over time for an epidemic. Users specify the number groups, the size of each group, the within group activity rate, the outside group activity rate, the number of initial infectives, and the number of time units.
View Resource Bayesian Calculator

This page uses Bayes' Theorem to calculate the probability of a hypothesis given a datum. An example about cancer is given to help users understand Bayes' Theorem and the calculator. Key Word: Conditional Probability.
View Resource Box-Cox Transformation

This applet uses a scatterplot to help visualize the Box-Cox transformation for Y^lambda. Use the N slider bar to select sample size. Click "New Model" or "New Sample" to get new data. Click "Power" to change the axis labels from values of lambda to transformation functions. A slider on each axis allows users to change transformation functions. Clicking "Grid Transformation" changes the grid...
View Resource Contingency Table Calculator

This page introduces contigency tables with an example on fruit trees and fire blight. Two calculators are provided that allow users to enter their own contigency table and test for treatment effects. The first calculator performs Fisher's Exact Test on a 2x2 tables. The second performs a chi-square test on up to a 9x9 table.
View Resource Friedman's Test

This tutorial on Friedman's Test includes its definition, assumptions, characteristics, and hypotheses. An example using output from the WINKS software is given, but those without the software can still use the tutorial. An exercise is given at the end that can be done with any statistical software package.
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