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View Resource Poem: Two Haikus on CLT

A poem for teaching about the Cramer-Rao lower bound on variance of estimators. The poem was written by Ming-Lun Ho, Chabot College. It won third place in the non-song category of the 2015 A-Mu-Sing competition.
View Resource Joke: That's One Mean Average

A joke for use in discussing measures of central tendency. The joke was written by Jackie Bryce Miller, University of Michigan and won third place in the 2015 A-Mu-Sing competition.
View Resource Poem: Student's Limerick

A Limerick by Christine Kohen (University of Richmond) and Eric S. van Gyzen (Dell) that can be used in teaching about the uses of the t-distribution in estimation and testing. The limerick was awarded first place in the non song category of the 2015 A-Mu-sing competition.
View Resource Cartoon: Random Acts of Kindness

A cartoon for use in celebrations of Random Acts of Kindness Day which is an unofficial holiday in many countries typically celebrated in Febraury. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on the suggested illustrating text and concept from Larry Lesser (The University of Texas at El Paso). The cartoon was first displayed on the website on Random Acts of...
View Resource Song: One is the Likeliest Number

A song to teach about Benford's Law for the probability distribution of first digits in real data. The lyrics are copyright by Lawrence Mark Lesser as a parody of Harry Nilsson's "One" made popular in 1969 by "Three Dog Night". "One is the Likeliest Number" was first published in the Spring 2011 issue of "Teaching Statistics". Free for use in non-profit education settings.