UCLA Statistics Case Studies

This collection of case studies includes the following topics: Stock Prices; Breast Cancer Research; Effect of Fitness Program; Water Use in Los Angeles; Oral Hygiene in the ICS-II project; Brinks vs NYC; Effect of Exercise on Heart Disease; National Assessment of Educational Progress; The London Underground; Suicides of Women and Men; Temperature in San Francisco; Lead Intake; Voting for Johnson; Salaries of Yale Men; K-Mart Cookie Sales; Skeleton Differences between Tribes; Advertising for Detergents; Did Mendel Fudge his Data; Rainfall in the United Kingdom; Jury selection in Alameda County; Racial Bias in Jury Selection: Swain vs Alabama.; Gender Bias in Jury Selection: The Case of Dr. Spock.; The ELISA test for the AIDS Virus.; School Careers in the Netherlands in 1959.; The Northridge Earthquake of January 1994.; The Trial of the Pix.

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