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Current Status

STAR Library is no longer an active journal. However the materials are still available and are indexed through The editoral staff of are indebted to the past editors of STAR library, the peer reviewers, and the authors for their work on this outstanding resource. The following information relates to the original STAR Library.

Mission Statement

To provide a peer-reviewed journal of resources for introductory statistics teachers that is free of cost, readily available, and easy to customize for the use of the teacher.
To promote active learning in the introductory statistics classroom.
To provide a forum for sharing and exchanging teaching resources and ideas among the professional teaching community.

Description of the STAR Library

Each activity is displayed in the form of a short written article, that describes the activity in enough detail that a teacher could use it as is or customize it easily to suit their own needs. Included in each article will be the following elements:

Title of the activity
Name of author
Affiliation of author
Brief abstract
Key words
Instructor's version of the activity - This is a description of the activity from the instructor's perspective.  
Materials and equipment needed
Time involved
Data, graphs, pictures, and videos if applicable
Guidelines for assessment
Teaching notes - Helpful notes for the instructor
Any other helpful information  
Student's version of the activity -  This includes all directions students need for the activity. 

Use of the STAR Library

All activities found in the STAR Library are freely available for use by teachers for educational purposes only. They are the property of the STAR Library, and are not available for use (even in part) of a for-profit published collection.

Past Editors

Christopher R. Bilder
Christopher J. Malone
Deborah J. Rumsey


The orginal STAR Library was supported by the following:

Duxbury Press sponsorship
Oklahoma State University College of Arts and Sciences Summer Research grant
Kansas State University Department of Statistics provided the initial support
University Small Research Grant from Kansas State University provided the initial support





2000-2002 STAR Library