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The Statistics Teaching and Resource (STAR) Library was an online journal of materials for teaching statistics. Although it is no longer accepting submissions, it has teamed with to allow continued access to the quality materials previously submitted. For more information on the STAR Library see the STAR Information page. Below is a list of activities published to the STAR Library:

 Date   Computer  Classroom
Time Activity 
Author Key words
6-30-03NoIn/Out40-60MSampling Distributions of the Sample Mean and Sample ProportionAndrews, D.Sampling distribution, sample mean, sample proportion, central limit theorem
3-17-03 No In/Out 50-75M An Unusual Episode Richardson, M. contingency table (two-way table), conditional distribution
9-2-02 No In 3HR Rectangularity Richardson, M.,  Curtiss, P., Gabrosek, J., and Reischman, Diann sampling distribution of a sample mean, confidence interval for a mean, hypothesis test on a mean, simulation
6-24-02 No In 30M Histogram Sorting Garfield, J. Histogram, shape, normal, uniform, skewed, symmetric, bimodal
6-6-02 No In 1HR What is the Significance of a Kiss?  Richardson, M.,  Curtiss, P., and Gabrosek, J. hypothesis test on a proportion, Type I and II errors, Power, p-values, simulation
11-6-01YesIn 50-75M Counting Eights: A First Activity in the Study and Interpretation of Probability Hartlaub, B. A. and Jones, B. D. probability, law of large numbers, simulation, estimation
11-5-01 Yes In/Out75M Random Rendezvous Rossman, A. J. and Chance, B. L. Simulation, probability, geometry, independence, bivariate normal distribution
10-25-01 Yes/No In/Out 60M Breaking the Code - A Graphical Exploration Using Bar Charts Gabrosek, J. and Schuckers, M. E. bar charts, Caesar Shift, encryption, testing hypotheses
8-29-01 Yes/No In50M-75M Regression on the Rebound Buskirk, T. D. and Young, L. J. Linear Regression, independent variable, dependent variables, analysis of variance
8-21-01 Yes In/Out 1.5HR The Role of Probability in Discrimination Cases Higgins, J. J. Probability distribution, binomial distribution, computer simulation, decisions rules
7-26-01 Yes/No In/Out 50M Regression - Residuals - Why? Miller, J. B.  regression, residuals
7-25-01 No In 75M Simulating Size and Power Using a 10-Sided Die Blankenship, E. E. and Young, L. J. Power, size, hypothesis testing, binomial distribution
6-30-01 No In 30-40M What Makes the Standard Deviation Larger or Smaller? delMas, Robert C.   variability, standard deviation
2-7-01 No In 30M Which paper towel is more absorbent? Boyer, J. E., Rumsey, D. J., Bilder, C. R., and Malone, C. J. two-sample t-test
2-7-01 Yes In/Out 1-2HR What is the shelf life? Bilder, C. R.   prediction interval, confidence interval, stability