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eCOTS 2022 “Preparing the Modern Student” is quickly approaching. It is less than three weeks away. Please make sure to register.

You must be registered to attend pre-conference workshops. Workshops start May 19th.

The conference starts on Monday, May 23rd. Four great invited talks, numerous breakout sessions, birds of feather sessions, speed mentoring, etc.

Speed Mentoring Session

We also hope you will consider participating in the Speed Mentoring Session, which will take place on Wed, May 25th, from 10:30 - 11:45 am ET. This mentoring session is a great opportunity for newer statistics and data science educators to meet some more experienced folks.  We are looking for both mentors and mentees who are willing to participate; please sign up here by Mon, May 23rd.

The Great Cookie Experiment

On Wednesday, May 25th, from 4:45 – 5:30 pm ET, we will have the “The Great Cookie Experiment” social time. Cooking and baking are some of my favorite things to do. During the height of the pandemic, I (Megan Mocko) was cooking with people all over the globe from my kitchen (I did this a lot).  Cooking and baking are social activities for me, but it is also a research experience. I have tons of notes in the recipe margins (not enough orange flavor, bland, excellent, try adding more flour, try using less salt).


As you probably know, lots of conditions affect baking and cooking. You can change the white and brown sugar ratio, increase the baking soda by a little, and change from a cookie pan to a jelly roll pan. All of these will change the outcome. What is the outcome, you ask? The outcomes could be the crunchiness of the cookie, the rise of the cookie, or even its own survival. So, I want to invite you to my kitchen to bake and experiment with me. I am planning on baking my family’s favorite - chocolate chip cookies. I will bake two versions: one with 1 hour of refrigeration and one straight into the oven. Which one will have the most rise?


What experiment will you conduct? We invite you to join the Zoom session to cook and experiment! The week of the conference, post your research question in the CAUSE Slack workspace under “ecots-the-great-cookie-experiment.”



Megan Mocko



University of Florida