Come and learn about Data Science Education and meet a great group of educators involved in shaping Data Science at the Undergraduate level.   The first two days will cover what UC Berkeley is doing in the space, including its open source curriculum and a large popular major.  The second two days will have a variety of panel discussions amongst a diverse group of Data Science Educators.  

This year will be the fifth annual meeting of educators interested in Data Science education, and seeks to combine the benefits of in-person and online conferences as we continue to build community. The first two days will be principally in person, with a smaller group gathering in Blum Hall on the Berkeley Campus. The second two days will be hybrid with a few in person presenters, and a larger online presence with panels with national and international reach.  

Panel Topics 

  • International Perspectives on Data Science Education

  • Building National Capacity for Student-Driven Data Science Communities 

  • Human Contexts and Ethics in Data Science

  • California Alliance for Data Science Education

  • Data Science Program Development

  • Spatial Data Science and Scientific Reasoning

  • Technology Pathways for teaching Data Science

  • Inclusion in Data Science 

Participation in the workshop is free both for in person and online participants.  Updated information available at : and conference registration at:  Contact conference organizers at

Dr. Judith E Canner
Professor of Statistics
Statistics Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
California State University, Monterey Bay
100 Campus Center
Seaside, CA 93955