Don’t forget to register for USCOTS here.

Wait, what is USCOTS?  The United States Conference on Teaching Statistics, held in odd-numbered years since 2005.  The 2021 USCOTS will be held virtually on June 28 - July 1, with pre-conference workshops beginning on June 24.

What’s that?  We lost you at that ”v” word - virtually?  You’re sick and tired of sitting in front of a screen?  Oh, we get it.  So, why should you sit in front of a screen for more hours to attend USCOTS?  Here are six reasons:

1.     There are lots of conferences about statistics and lots of conferences about teaching, but very few conferences are devoted entirely to the topic of teaching statistics.  If you like teaching statistics, enjoy interacting with others who do, and want to exchange ideas for improvement in this wonderful and challenging profession, this is a can’t-miss conference.

2.     The theme is timely and important: Expanding Opportunities. We can help more students to succeed in statistics and prepare for careers that use data.  We can also help statistics to appeal to a more diverse group of students.  We can also expand opportunities within our own profession of statistics teachers and statistics education researchers.  Come to USCOTS to share ideas for achieving these goals.

3.     We have a great lineup of presenters and topics.  We especially recommend the keynote panel discussion on “Expanding Horizons and Fostering Diversity.”  See the full program here.

4.     Most of the sessions are designed to be interactive, including breakouts and posters & beyond sessions.  We’re also excited about a speed mentoring session and birds-of-a-feather discussions (see more below).  Again, see the full program here.

5.     The price is right: The $25 registration fee covers all four days of the conference and three days of pre-conference workshops.  That’s less than $4 per day, less than $1 per hour!  We assure you that you will get your money’s worth.  If the $25 is a burden, registration waivers are available.  Again, you can register here.

6.     Our goal is for every session to be practical, thought-provoking, and fun.  Achieving just one of those goals per session would make the conference worthwhile.

The speed mentoring session is a great opportunity for newer statistics teachers and statistics education researchers to meet some more experienced folks.  We are looking for both mentors and mentees who are willing to participate; please sign up here by June 18.  This is only a half-hour commitment, as the session will take place on Wed June 30 from 11:15 - 11:45am ET.

We are also asking for folks to lead a birds-of-a-feather discussion on a topic of your choice.  Please submit a proposal here by May 31.  This is also a half-hour commitment, a great opportunity to meet and chat with a diverse group of people with similar interests.

Finally , please check out a musical invitation to participate here, and help to spread the word about USCOTS, including with the hashtag #USCOTS21 on social media.  

Here is the link to the main USCOTS webpage:  Please send questions to program co-chairs Allan Rossman ( and Kelly McConville (, or to CAUSE director Dennis Pearl (  

We look forward to seeing you at USCOTS!