The ASA Section on Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences (TSHS) is excited to present our Spring 2024 webinar. Marta Shore, Lecturer in the Division of Biostatistics and Health Data Science at the University of Minnesota, will moderate our 2-hour panel discussion with Dr. Anne Eaton, Assistant Professor in the Division of Biostatistics and Health Data Science at the University of Minnesota; Dr. Sarah Samorodnitsky, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center; Michelle Sonnenberger, PhD Graduate Student in the Division of Biostatistics and Health Data Science at the University of Minnesota; and Dr. Jacqueline Hicks, Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the School of Public Health, Boston University. They will discuss approaches to diversify K-12 promotion and recruitment as well as collaboration opportunities.

The webinar is FREE and open to all. Details and registration information are below.

TITLE: Meeting students where they are: K-12 Biostatistics outreach

PANELISTS: Marta Shore, University of Minnesota (moderator)

Dr. Anne Eaton, University of Minnesota

Dr. Sarah Samorodnitsky, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

Michelle Sonnenberger, University of Minnesota

Dr. Jacqueline Hicks, School of Public Health, Boston University

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 3:00-5:00pm Central Time (US & Canada)

VENUE: Online webinar hosted using the Zoom platform

ABSTRACT: K-12 outreach has traditionally focused on bringing students to campus to see what Biostatisticians do. This approach is a great entry point for students who already know about our field and can see themselves as biostatisticians. However, many students who would make effective biostatisticians do not either know of or take advantage of these opportunities. We have decided to instead meet K-12 students where they are by working with programs that already exist. In this webinar, we will explore two different approaches to diversify K-12 promotion and recruitment. Biostatistics Community Outreach and Engagement (BCOE) collaborates with middle- and high-school teachers to integrate biostatistics and data science into the science curriculum and give career talks. In both efforts, students learn both what we do and who we are, with a focus on what motivates us as biostatisticians. We will discuss three collaboration opportunities: serving as statistical consultants for a 12th-grade biology class, creating web applets for air quality data and determining dosing for clinical trials, and class career visits. Boston University Upward Bound is a part of the federally funded TRIO program that provides academic support to low-income and first-generation college-bound students. To qualify, students need to either meet TRIO low-income guidelines or be first-generation college. During the six-week summer residence program, Boston University's School of Public Health collaborates with the Upward Bound program students to learn about the field of public health and biostatistics. We teach them skills in data collection, analysis, presentation and advocacy.

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