Guest Editors, Rolf Biehler, Daniel Frischemeier and Susanne Podworny, with the assistance of Associate Editor Randall Groth, are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of the Statistics Education Research Journal about Statistical Reasoning about Models and Modelling in the Context of Informal Statistical Inference. This issue also includes Regular papers from Editor Maxine Pfannkuch.


Volume 16, Number 2, November 2017


Editorial (and front matter)


Special Issue


Computational Modelling and Children’s Expressions of Signal and Noise

Janet Ainley and Dave Pratt


The Co-Emergence of Aggregate and Modelling Reasoning

Keren Aridor and Dani Ben-Zvi


Modeling Signal-Noise Processes Supports Student Construction of a Hierarchical Image of Sample

Richard Lehrer


A Modeling Approach to the Development of Students’ Informal Inferential Reasoning

Helen M. Doerr, Robert delMas, and Katie Makar


Students’ Emergent Articulations of Statistical Models and Modeling in Making Informal Statistical Inferences

Hana Manor Braham and Dani Ben-Zvi


Students’ Emergent Modelling of Statistical Measures—A Case Study

Christian Büscher and Susanne Schnell


Promoting Modelling and Covariational Reasoning among Secondary School Students in the Context of Big Data

Einat Gil and Alison L. Gibbs


Modeling as a Core Component of Structuring Data

Clifford Konold, William Finzer, and Kosoom Kreetong


TinkerPlot™ Model Construction Approaches for Comparing Two Groups: Student Perspectives

Jennifer Noll and Dana Kirin


Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Reasoning about Modeling a “Family Factory” with Tinkerplots—A Pilot Study

Rolf Biehler, Daniel Frischemeier, and Susanne Podworny


Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Use of Probability Models in Making Informal Inferences about a Chance Game

Sibel Kazak and Dave Pratt


An Analysis of Secondary Teachers’ Reasoning with Participatory Sensing Data

Robert Gould, Anna Bargagliotti, and Terri Johnson



Regular Papers


Personal Epistemologies of Statisticians in Academia: An Exploratory Study

Aurel H. Diamond and Andreas J. Stylianides


More than Just Numbers: Challenges for Professional Statisticians

Claire Cameron, Ella Iosua, Matthew Parry, Rosalina Richards, and Chrystal Jaye


Developing Statistical Knowledge for Teaching During Design-Based Research

Randall Groth


Secondary Students’ Considerations of Variability in Measurement Activities Based on Authentic Practices

Adri Dierdorp, Arthur Bakker, Dani Ben-Zvi, and Katie Makar


Cognitive Transfer Outcomes for a Simulation-Based Introductory Statistics Curriculum

Matthew D. Beckman, Robert C. delMas, and Joan Garfield


A Flipped Classroom Model for a Biostatistics Short Course

Jacqueline E. McLaughlin and Isabell Kang


The Roles of Experience, Gender, and Individual Differences in Statistical Reasoning

Nadia Martin, Jeffrey Hughes, and Jonathan Fugelsang


When do Students’ Attitudes Change? Investigating Student Attitudes at Midterm

April T. Kerby and Jacqueline R. Wroughton


An Exploration of Student Attitudes and Satisfaction in a GAISE-Influenced Introductory Statistics Course

Warren Paul and R. Clare Cunnington





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