Co-editors Manfred Borovcnik  and Maxine Pfannkuch are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ).


Volume 14 Number 2, November 2015


Editorial (and front matter) 


Students’ Reasoning about p-Values

Birgit C. Aquilonius and Mary E. Brenner


Virtualising the Quantitative Research Methods Course: An Island-based Approach

James Baglin, John Reece, and Jenalle Baker


Statistics Anxiety and Worry: The Roles of Worry Beliefs, Negative Problem Orientation, and Cognitive Avoidance

Amanda S. Williams


Calibration of Self-efficacy for Conducting a Chi-squared Test of Independence

Whitney A. Zimmerman and Deborah D. Goins


Assessing Learning Outcomes: An Analysis of the GOALS-2 Instrument

Anelise G. Sabbag and Andrew Zieffler




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