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Sharing another job opening in the Penn State system (this is distinct from the one I shared previously).  Penn State Behrend (below; Erie PA) & Penn State's University Park campus (State College, PA) are currently the only two (among ~ 25?) in the Penn State system to offer an undergraduate statistics credential.  Behrend is also developing a new bachelor's degree in Data Analytics as well, so really cool things happening there. 

Important note--Both positions I've shared recently (this one at Behrend & another at UP a couple weeks back) are separate and independent applications, so if you or anyone in your network would be interested in both positions please make sure both applications are submitted separately. 

I've cc'ed Mike Rutter at Penn State Behrend if you'd like to follow up with him about the position there (reviews begin Oct 31), and I've cc'ed Scott Roths at University Park if you have questions about that position (application reviews imminent for that one). 

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p.s. apologies that my email client makes the link below totally unrecognizeable as a security measure--please let Mike know if you have trouble accessing the application.

Dr. Matthew Beckman
Chair of Undergraduate Curricula
Statistics Department | Penn State University
326 Thomas Bldg | University Park, PA 16802
    Assistant Professor of Statistics position at Penn State Behrend

    If you know of any recently graduated or about to graduate Ph.D.
    students interested in teaching at a primarily undergraduate
    institution, please make them aware of the currently posted Assistant
    Professor of Statistics tenure-track position at Penn State Behrend.

    This is a great opportunity for statisticians or data scientists looking
    to teach at a small university (4,000 undergrads) while maintaining an
    active applied research program.  The mathematics department at Behrend
    currently has one tenure line statistics faculty, but the demand for
    statistics classes is increasing and the current tenured statistics
    faculty (me) is finding himself involved in more administrative work.  A
    great opportunity to continue working with the wonderful faculty in the
    statistics department at UP as well.

    Link to the job posting:

    Review of applications will start October 31, 2021.

    Dr. Michael A. Rutter
    Associate Director, School of Science
    Associate Professor of Statistics
    Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
    4205 College Drive
    Erie, PA 16563