The TSHS Resources Portal ( is one of the major products of the TSHS Section, supporting the use of real data in the health-sciences classroom. We are always looking to expand our collection of datasets, but realize that formatting the data, generating the dictionary, and creating the introduction materials is time consuming.


We are happy to announce that TSHS is sponsoring two (2) $500 stipends to be used to compensate graduate students assisting in the preparation of a portal dataset, including any required revisions. In addition to sharing great datasets, this is an opportunity for members wanting to mentor students. Also, since datasets are peer reviewed, the submitters can list the submission as a publication on their CVs.


Applicants must have a publication in mind and have obtained permission to share the corresponding dataset, after deidentification, on the Portal. Datasets should be based on a journal publication in the health sciences. Rich datasets, those for which multiple types of analyses can be done, will be given priority. For more information about the process of contributing a dataset, please see


To apply, please submit a brief description and citation of your intended dataset and a timeline for the submission using this Google form Students are welcome to apply but must have identified a faculty mentor who has access to an appropriate dataset and is willing to commit to working with the student on this. Applications received by April 15, 2022 will receive full consideration by The TSHS Resources Portal Executive Committee. Funding decisions will be announced by May 2, 2022. 


Thank you,


Carol Bigelow and Jenna Carlson

On behalf of The TSHS Resources Portal

Executive Committee