Dear Instructor,

Are you an adjunct or part-time instructor of introduction to statistics? Would you be interested in participating in a 30-minute interview through Zoom for a qualitative project?

The topics discussed in this interview are:

o   Background in statistics, pedagogy in teaching statistics, barriers or difficulties when teaching as an adjunct instructor.

You do not necessarily need to be an adjunct right now, but the interview will focus on this part of your career. Interested in a variety of departments for example mathematics, psychology, health sciences, business among others.

o   Compensation for your time $75 Amazon card. Only have 3 left!

o   Will be using pseudonyms to preserve confidentiality 


Send email to at

Dr. Samantha Estrada

University of Texas at Tyler

Psychology and Counseling

Samantha Estrada Aguilera PhD
University of Texas at Tyler
Psychology and Counseling
3900 University Blvd 
Tyler, Texas 75799
BEP 254