Next USPROC deadline for undergraduate research: June 30, 2017

Hi everyone,

CAUSE and the American Statistical Association are happy to announce the eighth annual undergraduate statistics project competition (USPROC).  The next project submission deadline is: June 30, 2017 for year long, and spring 2017, projects.

Project submission is now open!  As the academic year draws to a close, please keep USPROC in mind. All winners receive cash prizes and an invitation to give a plenary talk at the annual electronic undergraduate statistics conference. Learn more here:

Competition tracks are available for all student levels. The purpose of USPROC is to encourage the development of data analysis skills, to enhance presentation skills, and to recognize outstanding work by undergraduate statistics students. There are two main categories for submissions to the competition:

* Undergraduate Statistics Class Project Competition (USCLAP): This competition is for undergraduate students who are taking an applied statistics course(s) at introductory, or intermediate levels, in which a class project is part of the course work (either required or optional).

* Undergraduate Statistics Research Project Competition (USRESP): This competition is for undergraduate students who conduct research projects that are statistically related, either methodological or applied. The types of projects may include research work from REUs, senior capstone projects, or independent projects.

Best regards, Vittorio Addona.