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** Introduction to Minitab

This laboratory introduces students to the basics of the Minitab software. Students make use of a basic example (water consumption and temperature) to introduce students to manipulation of data, calculation of descriptive statistics, creation of histograms, boxplots and scatterplots. Students are asked to hand in the results they have produced. Accompanying documents give model solutions.
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Date Of Record Creation 2005-03-22 16:51:07
Date Of Record Release 2005-08-09 18:18:34
Date Last Modified 2005-08-09 19:47:19
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Author's Name Ginger Holmes Rowell
Author's Organization Middle Tennessee State University
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Comments The materials provide a very clear, simple introduction to basic Minitab skills and should be useful to any instructor whose students have access to Minitab and a PC.
Date Record Checked: 1999-11-30 00:00:00

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