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In this game activity, students match correlation values with plots generated by the applet. Competition in this game setting encourages students to become more involved in the classroom and attainment of learning objectives. This game is best if used in a lab setting, although it may be modified to fit other classroom situations.
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Date Of Record Creation 2007-11-25 18:56:47
Date Of Record Release 2007-11-25 18:56:47
Date Last Modified 2009-02-10 13:47:24
Statistical Topic
Material Type
Typical Learning Time 40 minutes
Author's Name Roger Woodard, Steve Stanislav, Jennifer Gratton, Pam Arroway
Comments This basic applet focuses on a single concept: the relationship between the correlation coefficient and the pattern in a scatterplot.
Source Code Available No
Intended User Role
Cost involved with use
Math Level
Date Record Checked: 2007-11-25 00:00:00

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