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Statistical Topic Classifications
Elementary Probability (98)
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Multivariate Distributions (42)
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Simulation (42)
Stochastic Processes (23)
Univariate Distributions (145)

View Resource **Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) Modeler

The SOCR Modeler allows the user to compare data with typical statistical models such as the beta distribution, exponential, gamma, Poisson, etc. The user can adjust the bin ranges for the data...
View Resource **Virtual Experiments and Demonstrations

This applet allows users to run experiments such as Ball and Urn, Buffon's Needle, Craps, Monty Hall, and many more. Select an experiment from the drop down menu and click "About" to read its...
View Resource A Brief Introduction to Probability and Statistics

This online textbook covers the following probability and statistics topics: Independence; Venn Diagrams; Bayes's Theorem; Counting; Binomial Expansion; Binomial Distribution; Continuous...
View Resource A New View of Statistics

This online resource is intended to help students understand concepts from probability and statistics and covers many topics from introductory to advanced. You can follow the progression of the text...
View Resource Against all Odds: 1. What is Statistics?

This free online video program uses historical anecdotes and contemporary applications to introduce the series which "explores the vital links between statistics and our everyday world. The program...
View Resource Against All Odds: 15. What Is Probability?

In this free online video program, "students will learn the distinction between deterministic phenomena and random sampling. This program introduces the concepts of sample space, events, and outcomes...
View Resource Applied Statistics

This course is an introduction to applied statistics and data analysis providing lecture notes and exams. Topics include collecting and exploring data, basic inference, simple and multiple linear...
View Resource Assessing Product Reliability (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

This chapter of the NIST Engineering Statistics handbook ?describes the terms, models and techniques used to evaluate and predict product reliability.? It contains an introduction, discussions on ...
View Resource Benford's Law Part 1 - How to Spot Tax Fraud

This page explores Benford's Law: For naturally occurring data, the digits 1 through 9 do not have equal probability of being the first significant digit in a number; the digit 1 has greater odds of...'s%20Law.html
View Resource Benford's Law Part 2 - The 80/20 Rule or Pareto Principle

This page explores Benford's law and the Pareto Principle (or 80/20 rule). Benford's law may also have a wider meaning if the digits it evaluates are considered ranks or places. The digit's...'s%20Law2.html
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