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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Multivariate Techniques

View Resource Analysis Of Categorical Dependent Variables With SAS And SPSS

This tutorial contains SAS and SPSS instructions for categorial analysis techniques such as logistic regression and probit regression including models for ordered or unordered multiple choices. Key...
View Resource AniWiki

AniWiki is a gallery for statistical animations in several subjects such as probability, linear models, multivariate statistics, and nonparametric statistics. Most of the animations are created in...
View Resource Exploring Relationships in Body Dimensions

This article presents a dataset containing physical measurements for 507 physically active individuals. These data can be used to demonstrate simple descriptive statistics, least squares and multiple...
View Resource Gallery: Reinterpreting Gustave Caillebotte

A sketch by Anastasia Mandel reinterpreting Fruit Displayed on a Stand by Gustave Caillebotte (1882) with the statistical caption "Cluster analysis: apples to apples, nuts to nuts - a statistician's...
View Resource Gallery: Reinterpreting Jasper Francis Cropsey

A sketch by Anastasia Mandel reinterpreting Sunset, Eagle Cliff, New Hampshire by Jasper Francis Cropsey (1867) with the statistical caption "Regression tree, still standing after the trials." This...
View Resource Investigating Home Court Advantage

This article presents data from 1997 Big Ten Conference men's basketball games involving the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. The data can be used to demonstrate bivariate statistical inference...
View Resource Multiple Regression

This resource explains Multiple Regression and concepts associated with it. Key Words: Predicted values; Residuals; Dummy Variables; Interaction Effects; T-Test; Regression Coefficients; Correlation...
View Resource Multivariate Statistics

This course from Manchester Metropolitan University covers many topics in Multivariate Statistics in depth. To navigate, use the buttons at the top of the page. CA = Cluster Analysis; PCA =...
View Resource NFL Y2K PCA

This article describes a dataset on the 2000 National Football League (NFL) regular season and the exploratory data analyses performed. Key Words: Multivariate analysis; Summary ranking measures
View Resource Regression, Prediction, and Model Building

This tutorial explains the theory and use of Multiple Regression and demonstrates it with an example on SAT scores and GPA. Data is given as well as SPSS and Minitab code.
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