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View Resource Analyzing and Drawing Conclusions from Bivariate Data

This Concept Map explores the aspects of bivariate data. It provides related vocabulary as well as an introduction to Fathom.
View Resource Applied Probability & Stochastic Processes

This course is aimed at students in applied fields and assumes a prerequisite of calculus. The goal is a working knowledge of the concepts and uses of modern probability theory. A significant part of...
View Resource Applied Statistics

This course is an introduction to applied statistics and data analysis providing lecture notes and exams. Topics include collecting and exploring data, basic inference, simple and multiple linear...
View Resource ARTIST Journals and Writing Assessments

This section of ARTIST contains suggestions for implementing student journals, writing assignments, and minute papers in statistics classes. Links to general references for writing assessments are...
View Resource ARTIST Projects

This site describes and explains the use of students projects and their assessment capabilities and purposes. It lists a few student projects by authors and also scoring rubrics and samples of...
View Resource Assessing Product Reliability (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

This chapter of the NIST Engineering Statistics handbook ?describes the terms, models and techniques used to evaluate and predict product reliability.? It contains an introduction, discussions on ...
View Resource Attitudes Towards Statistics (ATS)

The 29-item attitudinal scale consists of two subscales: attitude toward the field of statistics (20 items) and attitude toward the course (9 items). Students are asked to respond to how they...
View Resource Belief in the Law of Small Numbers

This journal article gives examples of erroneous beliefs about probability. It specifically examines the belief that a random sample must be representative of the true population.
View Resource Bernoulli and Binomial Distributions

This resource provides two sets of detailed notes on the Bernoulli and Binomial distributions. Additional readings, examples, exercises, and links to applets illustrating the respective...
View Resource BGIM : Maximum Likelihood Estimation Primer

This set of pages is an introduction to Maximum Likelihood Estimation. It discusses the likelihood and log-likelihood functions and the process of optimizing.
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