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View Resource Chi-Square Curve

This tool lets you find areas under the chi-square probability density. Sliders allow the user to adjust the endpoints and the degrees of freedom.
View Resource Chi-Square Sampling Distribution Generator

This page generates a graph of the Chi-Square distribution and displays the associated probabilities. Users enter the degrees of freedom (between 1 and 20, inclusive) upon opening the page.
View Resource Chi-Square Test for Equality of Distributions

This calculator computes the chi-square statistic, degrees of freedom (DoF), and p-value for the Chi-square test for equality of distributions. Users input a table of values with row and column...
View Resource Chi-Square Test for Known Distributions

This test checks whether an observed distribution differs from an expected distribution. It computes the chi-square statistic, degrees of freedom (DoF), and p-value. Users input a table with row...
View Resource Chi-Square, Cramer's V, and Lambda for an RxC Contingency Table

This calculator performs the following for a contingency table up to 5x5: chi-square analysis; Cramer's V; two asymmetrical versions of lambda; the Goodman-Kruskal index of predictive association;...
View Resource Confidence Interval for the Estimated Mean of a Population

Given a sample of N values of X randomly drawn from a normally distributed population, this page will calculate the .95 and .99 confidence intervals (CI) for the estimated mean of the population.
View Resource Confidence Interval Simulation

This Java applet demonstrates confidence intervals for the mean. It allows the user to alter sample size, samples taken, intervals, and the option of standard error. The applet displays sample...
View Resource Confidence Intervals for Means

This applet simulates finding confidence intervals for the mean of a normal random variable. A sample of size 20 is generated from a standard normal random variable. The blue marks represent the...
View Resource Contingency Table Applet

Enter numbers in the interior of the given table. As one does so, the marginal row and column totals are updated continuously. Click the compute button to calculate the chi-square value to test for...
View Resource Contingency Table Calculator

This applet allows users to enter data into a contingency table up to 6x6. The calculator returns observed frequencies, expected frequencies, chi-square statistic, degrees of freedom, p-value, and...
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