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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- One Numerical Variable Methods

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View Resource **Statistics Every Writer Should Know

This site provides an introduction to basic statistical concepts for journalists and writers with little math background. Key Words: Mean; Median; Percent Changes; Per capita; Rates; Standard...
View Resource A Positively Skewed Distribution

This assignment asks students to explore a set of data which is positively skewed. The data come from a survey of college students asking how vulnerable they feel about the loss of a parent.
View Resource Additional SOCR Resources

This page provides links to distribution calculators, conceptual demonstration applets, statistical tables, online data analysis packages, function and image-processing tools, and other online...
View Resource Career Records for All Modern Position Players Eligible for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

The dataset described in this article contains data on retired Major League Baseball players, eligible for the MLB Hall of Fame. The data can be used to illustrate descriptive statistical methods...
View Resource Examples and Their Data Sets

Each dataset in this collection includes description of the study, description of the data file, statistical topic covered, and reference. Topics addressed include: correlation, one-way ANOVA,...
View Resource Explanatory Style and Athletic Performance

As described in the web page itself: "This document was prepared as an illustration of the use of both t tests and correlation/regression analysis in drawing conclusions from data in an actual...
View Resource IDEAL Modules

The modules in this collection discuss numerous statistical topics with examples and Java applets. Topics covered: Variable Types; Calculations; Histograms; Moments; Quantiles; Probability...
View Resource Introduction to Quantitative Methods

This course webpage contains 7 lessons for introductory statistics. Each lesson introduces a new statistical topic, provides datasets for exploring concepts, links to instructions for using...
View Resource Minimize Your Losses

This article presents an activity, which may be presented as a game in the classroom, to students on both secondary school and college levels by introducing the averages via the idea of the least...
View Resource On-Line T-Table

This page provides a t-table with degrees of freedom from 1 to 30, and 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 1000, and infinity. Probabilities are from .25 to .0005. Instructions are also provided.
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