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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Sampling Distributions

View Resource ** Sampling Distributions

This applet simulates and plots the sampling distribution of various statistics (i.e. mean, standard deviation, variance). The applet allows the user to specify the population distribution, sample...
View Resource **Inference for Means Activity

This activity enables students to learn about confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for a population mean. It focuses on the t-distribution, the assumptions for using it, and graphical displays. ...
View Resource **Reese's Pieces Samples

This applet simulates drawing samples of Reese?s Pieces from a candy machine. Users set the sample size, number of samples, and theta, the population proportion of orange pieces. The applet keeps...
View Resource A Useful Display of a Normal Population

This article describes how to make a physical model of the normal distribution and use it to illustrate the concepts of sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.
View Resource Bootstrapping

This lesson describes bootstrapping in the context of a statistics class for psychology students.
View Resource Distribution of the Sample Sum, Sample Mean, Sample Variance, and Sample Chi-Squared

This applet illustrates this concept of the sampling distribution of a statistic by simulating the sampling distribution of the sample sum, mean, variance, and chi-square. Users can choose from a...
View Resource Empirical Cumulative Distribution

This applet allows the user to enter data, then returns the values of empirical cumulative distribution function by sorting the data and reporting the height of the curve at each point. It does not...
View Resource Empirical Distributions

This applet plots the survival function (1-F(t)) of the exponential distribution against the empirical survival function. The empirical survival function is one minus the empirical distribution...
View Resource High Exposure

This probability activity discusses the differences among various kinds of studies and which types of inferences can legitimately be drawn from each, as well as how sample statistics reflect the...
View Resource HyperStat Online: Ch. 6, Sampling Distributions

This chapter of the HyperStat Online Textbook discusses in detail sampling distributions of various statistics (mean, median, proportions, correlation, etc.), differences between such statistics, the...
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