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Data Collection -- Sampling and Survey Issues -- Probability and Sampling

View Resource ** Sampling Distribution of the Mean Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the properties of sampling distributions using a Java applet. The tutorial has an accompanying hand-out that you can download.
View Resource Against All Odds: 14. Samples and Surveys

This free online video program "shows how to improve the accuracy of a survey by using stratified random sampling and how to avoid sampling errors such as bias. While surveys are becoming...
View Resource Cartoon: Entering Chicago

A cartoon to teach the idea that sampling variability depends on the size of the sample, and not on the size of the population (as long as the sample is a small part of the population). Cartoon...
View Resource Cartoon: Falling Asleep

A cartoon to teach about the value of random sampling to control bias and provide the underpinning for inference. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Dennis Pearl (The...
View Resource HotBits

HotBits is a genuine random number generator powered by radioactive decay. Simply click the "Request HotBits" link, and specify how many bytes you would like (up to 2048) and in what form you prefer...
View Resource M and M Applet

Students can sample numerous bags of M&Ms. A plot of the relative frequency of each color is continually updated above the sampling frame. Each sample bag of M&Ms contains 56 candies.
View Resource Myth and Reality in Reporting Sampling Error

This article gives a description of typical sources of error in public opinion polls. It gives a short but insightful explanation of what the margin of error indicates as well as other common errors...
View Resource Probability Sampling

This site describes in detail 5 different types of random sampling, giving examples, definitions, and procedures.
View Resource Quote: Walker on Sampling

"The idea that the examination of a relatively small number of randomly selected individuals can furnish dependable information about the characteristics of a vast unseen universe is an idea so...
View Resource Random Number Tables

This pdf document contains 7 pages of random number tables and 1 page of instructions for use.
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