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Math Level is Algebra level symbolic math
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View Resource Reasonable Averages that give Wrong Answers

There is a source of error when using averages, which can be quite serious and often unrecognized. The source of error is illustrated in this article in a quality control problem, a project, an...
View Resource Learning from One's Mistakes

This article describes an exercise, which highlights the effect of sampling without replacement in small populations, and leads to consideration of the relative importance of sample and population...
View Resource CUSUM: Computer Simulation for Statistics Teaching

The use of computers for simulation can be used not only to introduce CUSUM (cumulative sum) techniques but also to improve studentsâ?? understanding of statistical inference and decision maki...
View Resource Probability and The F.A. Cup

This article illustrates the difficulty in defining an event you are dealing with and that, even if you can define the event properly, you may encounter rough bounds on the probability of that event...
View Resource Judgement by Sampling (1)

This article is an example of hypothesis testing with aspects of quality control. We have a batch of discrete items, from which we have some data about the incidence of an attribute, the data being...
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