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View Resource Psychic test

This activity illustrates the convergence of long run relative frequency to the true probability. The psychic ability of a student from the class is studied using an applet. The student is asked to...
View Resource **One-way ANOVA Demonstration

Tutorial on the ANOVA test in statistics and probability, with a description, formulas, example, and a calculator applet. This is part of the larger site Virtual Statistician at http...
View Resource **Reese's Pieces Samples

This applet simulates drawing samples of Reese?s Pieces from a candy machine. Users set the sample size, number of samples, and theta, the population proportion of orange pieces. The applet keeps...
View Resource Song: It's .05

Song about the need to show a significant result in order to have a manuscript published. May be sung to the tune of Robert Feldman, Gerald Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer's 1963 song "My Boyfriend's...
View Resource Song: X-Y-Z, Theta-Pi

Song about the difficulty of graduate courses in statistics ad probability. May be sung to the tune of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's 1968 song "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da." Lyrics by Armin Swartzman and...
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