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View Resource IDEAL: Contingency Tables

This module demonstrates how to perform two chi-square tests, the chi-square test of independence and the chi-square test of homogeneity, through the use of contingency tables. The applets provided...
View Resource IDEAL: Hypothesis Testing for Paired Differences in Means

This page provides three examples designed to illustrate hypothesis testing for paired differences in means. Example #2 requires Lisp-Stat. The other two examples each contain applets that...
View Resource IDEAL: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing

This example compares balance measurements in elderly people with those of young men through two-sample hypothesis testing for means. Two applets are provided; one for testing the assumptions...
View Resource IDEAL: The Poisson Distribution

This module discusses the conditions of a Poisson experiment and the Poisson distribution. The applet allows the user to compute probabilities from the Poisson distribution. A follow-up example...
View Resource IDEAL: Probability Definitions

This module discusses the probability of an event and relative frequency. The applet shows how empirical probability converges to theoretical probability as the sample size increases. The follow-up...
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