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View Resource Statistics Tools

This collection of calculators allows users to perform a number of statistical applications. Each provides background on the procedure and an example. Users can compute Descriptive Statistics and...
View Resource Hypothesis Testing

This PowerPoint lecture presentation discusses comparing the means of two dependent populations using the paired T-test and defines the concepts of this hypothesis test. The original presentation is...
View Resource Hypothesis Testing for a Single Population Mean

This PowerPoint lecture presentation examines hypothesis testing for a single population mean. It discusses determining the p-value, making the decision, and terminology, illustrated through various...
View Resource **Central Limit Theorem Applet

This applet demonstrates the central limit theorem using simulated dice-rolling experiments. This experiment is performed repeatedly and outcomes are recorded and plotted in the form of a histogram. ...
View Resource Power of a Hypothesis Test

This applet performs a hypothesis test for the mean of a single normal population, variance known. Users set the hypothesized mean, true mean, variance, and appropriate alternative hypothesis. The...
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