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View Resource IDEAL: Confidence Intervals

This module contains an applet which illustrates factors affecting the width of confidence intervals for means. Users can manipulate the values of the population mean, population standard deviation,...
View Resource IDEAL: The Normal Approximation to the Binomial

This module contains an applet which can be used to experiment with computing approximate and exact binomial probabilities and to assess the conditions for which the normal approximation to the...
View Resource IDEAL: The Binomial Distribution

This module discusses the conditions of a binomial experiment and the binomial distribution. The applet allows the user to compute probabilities from the binomial distribution. Two follow-up...
View Resource IDEAL: Confidence Intervals for Paired Differences

This page provides two examples that illustrate confidence intervals for paired differences in means. Each exercise provides an applet which graphs the data and calculates the interval. The first...
View Resource IDEAL: Hypothesis Testing

This module introduces hypothesis testing with an example on breast cancer rates of Peurto Rican women. The applet provided allows users to manipulate power type, sigma, alpha, delta, and sample...
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