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View Resource Attitudes Towards Statistics (ATS)

The 29-item attitudinal scale consists of two subscales: attitude toward the field of statistics (20 items) and attitude toward the course (9 items). Students are asked to respond to how they...
View Resource **Signal Detection Theory Tutorial

Every day we have to make decisions about uncertain events like, 'Is that my phone ringing or one on the television?', or, 'Is the person talking to me telling the truth?' In this tutorial, you will...
View Resource Statz Rappers

This video features a group of students rapping about statistics.
View Resource Linear Regression and Best Fit

This lesson introduces simple linear regression with several Excel spreadsheet examples such as temperature versus cricket chirps, height versus shoe size, and laziness versus amount of TV watched. ...
View Resource An Epidemic Applet

This simulation applet shows percent of infection over time for an epidemic. Users specify the number groups, the size of each group, the within group activity rate, the outside group activity rate,...
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