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View Resource Normal Approximation to Poisson Distribution

This applet demonstrates the Normal approximation to the Poisson Distribution. Users can set the rate, lambda (λ), and the number of trials, n, and observe how the shape of the distribution...
View Resource Galton's Board or Quincunx

This applet demonstrates the Binomial distribution by simulating Galton's Board, dropping balls through a triangular array of nails. When a ball hits a nail, it has a 50 percent chance of falling to...
View Resource Sampling Distribution Simulation

This applet demonstrates the Central Limit Theorem. First, select a distribution (Normal, Uniform, Skewed, Custom) and add or delete data points by clicking on the graph. Then, sample from the...
View Resource Normal Probability Calculator

This applet allows users to calculate probabilities from a normal distribution. First, set the mean and standard deviation and click "Scale to Fit". Check one of the boxes next to the inequality...
View Resource Least Squares Regression Applet

This applet shows a scatterplot of height versus foot length. Users can add or delete points and then guess the regression line by clicking "Your Line" and moving the blue regression line. By...
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