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View Resource **National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Box Plot

An interactive box plot applet that allows users to put in their own data that is part of a large collection of platform independent, interactive, java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics and...
View Resource Statistics Explained

This site contains 100 modules designed to introduce concepts in statistics. The modules are divided into categories such as Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Related Measures,...
View Resource Distribution Tables

Compared to probability calculators, the traditional format of distribution tables has the advantage of showing many values simultaneously and, thus, enables the user to examine and quickly explore...
View Resource Song: Natural Log

Song about the use of the logarithmic transformation in statistics. May be sung to the tune of "Hound Dog" which was popularized by Elvis Presley. Lyrics written by Dennis Pearl with assistance...
View Resource Song: I Will Find U

Song about the use of the Mann-Whitney U statistic (also known as the two sample Wilcoxon statistic). May be sung to t he tune of "I Will Find You" by Peter Hammill; Fie Records, 1991.
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