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Application Area is Chemistry
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View Resource Cost and Esophageal Healing

This dataset comes from a study of 184 patients with severe erosive esophagitis were allocated to one of two treatments. Costs and efficacy of the drugs were recorded. Questions from this study...
View Resource Elderly vs. Young Comparison

This dataset comes from two studies, one of 16 healthy young subjects and another of 14 healthy elderly subjects, each given a drug in two treatment periods. Blood samples were taken, and plasma...
View Resource Guide to Nonlinear Regression

This tutorial introduces nonlinear regression and provides a review of linear regression. Topics covered include Introduction to Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Interpreting the Results of...
View Resource - Statistics made easy

BrightStat is a free online application for statistical analyses. Besides many non-parametric tests, BrightStat offers multiple linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA and repeated measurements...
View Resource Multiple vs. Single Dose Comparison

This dataset comes from a study of 14 healthy subjects given one dose of a drug for seven days. Blood samples were taken before and after treatment, and plasma levels were recorded. Questions from...
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