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Application Area is Geology
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View Resource Climate Data and Further Information

This page from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology provides data on weather conditions for the past week, the past month, and the past year. Users can also browse data by region.
View Resource What Does It Take to Heat a New Room? Estimating Utility Demand in a Home

This article describes a dataset containing energy use data for single-family homes and monthly weather data in the Boston area over a seven year period. The data can help illustrate concepts like...
View Resource Harvard Forest Data Archive

This collection of datasets from Harvard University covers many ecological topics from insects to hurricanes. Each dataset's description includes the name of the investigator, dates of collection,...
View Resource Quantitative Environmental Learning Project Data Set #50

This dataset contains information on temperature, precipitation, and weather stations for 48 states. The data is available in Excel and rich text formats.
View Resource - Statistics made easy

BrightStat is a free online application for statistical analyses. Besides many non-parametric tests, BrightStat offers multiple linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA and repeated measurements...
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