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Application Area is Sociology
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View Resource Data & Information Services Center

This collection of datasets addresses social science issues and is housed at the University of Wisconsin. Free registration is required to access the datasets.
View Resource World Development Chart

This scatterplot lets users plot a number of demographic variables and see the log transformation of those variables for numerous countries and income groups. Users can also see the information for...
View Resource Simpson's Paradox: An Example From a Longitudinal Study in South Africa

The dataset presented in this article comes from a South African study of growth of children. This data is a useful example of Simpson's paradox. Key Words: Categorical data; Comparing proportions.
View Resource Data from the Television Game Show "Friend or Foe?"

This article describes data from the television game show Friend or Foe. The data can be used to determine factors affecting contestants' strategies using descriptive statistics, testing for...
View Resource The Statistics of Poverty and Inequality

This dataset contains a number of variables like birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, and Gross National Product for 97 countries. Suggested activities are geared toward non-mathematicians and...
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