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Application Area is Health Science
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View Resource Drug Interaction Study

This dataset comes from a study of 8 healthy patients randomly assigned to a two-period crossover design. Patients were given 1 of 2 drug sequences and data on blood plasma levels wer recorded. ...
View Resource What is Statistics?

These pages from the University of Melbourne explain statistical concepts using various examples from medicine, science, sports, and finance. The intent is not computational skill but conceptual...
View Resource CAST: Computer Assisted Statistics Teaching

CAST contains three complete introductory statistics courses, one advanced statistical methods course, and additional modules. Each introductory course presents the same topics, but with different...
View Resource Bayesian Calculator

This page uses Bayes' Theorem to calculate the probability of a hypothesis given a datum. An example about cancer is given to help users understand Bayes' Theorem and the calculator. Key Word:...
View Resource Vanderbilt Medical Center Dataset

This collection of datasets was compiled by the Biostatistics Department at Vanderbilt University. They come in R, S, Excel, and ASCII formats. Each also has a description in html format.
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