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Application Area is Health Science
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View Resource Bioequivalence Study

This dataset comes from a study on two treatment sequences (AB, BA) given to 14 healthy male volunteers randomly assigned to a two-period crossover design. Three pharmacokinetic variables were...
View Resource Dose Response/Selection Study in GERD Patients

This dataset comes from a study on drug treatments of reflux disease patients. Twelve patients were assigned to a four period crossover design, and data on their disease symptoms were collected...
View Resource Oral Fertility Study in Male and Female Rats

This dataset comes from a study on 200 rats (100 of each gender) which were given one of 5 treatments, and then allowed to mate. At delivery, information on the pups was collected, and a sample of 8...
View Resource Datasets from Drug Research

This collection of datasets comes from several phases of drug research. Each dataset comes with a full description and questions to answer from the data.
View Resource Statistical Tools: Poisson Calculator

This page calculates probabilities for a Poisson distribution.
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