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View Resource JOpenChart Library and Toolkit

JOpenChart is a free Java Toolkit and library for embedding charts into different kinds of applications, no matter if they are server side, desktop or web applications.
View Resource Chart Construction Kit

The JCCKit is a small (< 100Kb) library and a very flexible framework for creating scientific charts and plots. JCCKit is written for the JDK? 1.1.8 platform (except of a Graphics2D renderer). Thus, it is suitable for scientific Applets and for PDA's running a PersonalJava? implementation....
View Resource Two Colors Applet

This activity allows the user to simulate pulling red and green balls out of three boxes. The boxes are pre-arranged so that there are two red balls in one box, two green balls in another, and one...
View Resource Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

This site has a wide collection of statistical objects inluding an online textbook covering first-year non-calculus based statistics (e.g. Normal distribution, ANOVA, Chi-Square). There is a...
View Resource Chebychev's Estimate

For n = 50 to 400, in steps of size 5, this program computes and displays (1) the exact probability P(|A_n - p| >= epsilon), where A_n is the average outcome of n Bernoulli trials with probability p...
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