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View Resource Whelk-Come to Mathematics: Using Rational Functions to Investigate the Behavior of Northwestern Crow

This Unit Plan contains 4 lessons in which students will make a conjecture, conduct an experiment, analyze the data, and work to a conclusion using rational functions to investigate the behavior of...
View Resource Cardiac Output, Rates of Change and Accumulation: Unit Overview

This Unit Plan contains 4 lessons that explore rates of change and accumulation in the context of the amount of blood being pumped by the heart. The measurement is done from a discrete perspective,...
View Resource Monty's Dilemma: Should You Stick or Switch?

This activity presents a version of a classic game-show scenario. You pick one of three doors in hopes of winning the prize. The host opens one of the two remaining doors which reveals no prize, then...
View Resource Illuminations: Activities

This collection of applets and activities from Illuminations meets NCTM Standards for grades 9-12.
View Resource Rates and Taxes

This activity allows students to become familiar with percents and taxes. Students will learn how to determine the amount of tax a family will pay based on a certain income. Students work with...
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