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View Resource A Brief Overview of Switching Theory and Practice

This powerpoint presentation from INFORMS Applied Probability Society provides a brief overview of switches, routers, input-queued crossbars, combined input- and output-queued switches, buffered...
View Resource Statistical Tools: Expected Death Calculator

This page calculates the expected number of deaths, the expected proportion of deaths at a given time, or the time at which a given proportion of deaths have occurred for a planned study. Users can...
View Resource Mrs. Smart's AP Statistics Assignments

This site provides a set of daily activities with subjects including Chi Square Tests for Goodness of Fit, Chi Square Tests of Independence, and Hypothesis Tests Practice. To use the computer,...
View Resource Drawing One and Two Playing Cards With Replacement

This activity uses Microsoft Excel and a deck of playing cards to gain experience with probability concepts. Students will discuss independent events, sample spaces, equally likely probabilities,...
View Resource Lucky Number

This activity uses Microsoft Excel for a simulation of probability concepts. The Excel file and handouts are provided. Students will explore the concept of independent events, sample spaces,...
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