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Material Type is Building Blocks
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View Resource The Cliff-Hanger

An applet explores the following problem: A long day hiking through the Grand Canyon has discombobulated this tourist. Unsure of which way he is randomly stumbling, 1/3 of his steps are towards the...
View Resource Estimation of Pi

This applet is designed to approximate the value of Pi. It accomplishes this purpose by firing random data points at a circle inscribed within a square. The probability of a data point landing within...
View Resource Buffon's Needle: An Analysis and Simulation

Gives some background on the Buffon needle problem. Has a link to an applet that allows one to simulate dropping a needle1, 10, 100, or 1000 times. One also has control over the length of the...
View Resource Linear Regression Applet

This applet allows a person to add up to 50 points onto its green viewing screen. After each point is added by clicking on the screen with the mouse, a red line will appear. This red line represents...
View Resource jCharts

jCharts is a 100% Java based charting utility that outputs a variety of charts. This package has been designed from the ground up by volunteers for displaying charts via Servlets, JSP's, and Swing...
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