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Material Type is Analysis Tools
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View Resource Free Statistics

This site contains numerous resources for learning statistics. Under "Free Statistical Software", the user will find many, many links to free statistical software packages. Also available on the...
View Resource Statistical Tables Calculator

This page provides distribution calculators for the binomial, normal, Student's T, Chi-square, and Fisher's F distributions. Users set the parameters and enter either the probability or the test...
View Resource One- and Two-Way Analysis of Variance Applet

This applet allows users to input their own data and perform one- and two-way Analyses of Variance. Key Word: ANOVA.
View Resource Summary Statistics Calculator

This applet allows users to enter two sets of data and retrieve summary statistics on each set as well as a comparison of the two sets. The calculator returns sample size, mean, standard deviation,...
View Resource Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney U Test Calculator

This calculator determines the level of significance for the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney U-statistic. Users can enter N1, N2, and U or simply enter the raw data.
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