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Material Type is Analysis Tools
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View Resource Mathematical Modeling for the Macintosh

Statistical modeling software designed for the Macintosh. Performs several operations and gives graphical output.
View Resource PSPP

PSPP is a statistical analysis program. It is an upwardly compatible replacement of the proprietary statistical analysis program called SPSS. PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled...
View Resource Data Analysis Applet

This applet was designed to illustrate the impact on the descriptive statistics of a data set caused by adding a new data point. The applet simulates data and corresponding descriptive statistics...
View Resource Random Marble Grabber

This java applet pulls a random marble from a bag, and calculates the Chi-Squared value. The Chi-Squared value can be used to determine if the marbles pulled from the bag are really randomly chosen...
View Resource Random Number Generator

This random number generator produces a data table with up to 10 columns and up to 2500 rows. For random integers, users must specify the data range. For data from a Normal (Gaussian) distribution,...
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