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View Resource **Interactive Distributions

This applet displays various distributions and allows the user to experiment with the parameters to see the effects on the curve.
View Resource **Classifying Statistics Problems

This JAVA applet assists the user in developing skills to classify a problem as one of the various types of confidence intervals, hypethesis tests and Chi Squared tests. This is not an easy...
View Resource Quick Start Guide for Common Calculators

Table of instructions for TI, Casio, HP, Sharp, and some common other brands of calculators. Instructions are given for how to enter data (both one and two variable), how to compute mean, standard...
View Resource Morse Code, Scrabble, and the Alphabet

This article provides a data collection and analysis activity for illustrating simple linear regression and outlier analysis. The activity was designed to involve students in the process of data...
View Resource Statistics and Probability Concepts

This is a collection of activities as Java applets that can be used to explore probability and statistics. Each activity is supplemented with background information, activity instructions, and a...
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