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Statistical Topic is Probability -- Limit Theorems -- Central Limit Theorem
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View Resource Sampling Distribution Simulation

This applet demonstrates the Central Limit Theorem. First, select a distribution (Normal, Uniform, Skewed, Custom) and add or delete data points by clicking on the graph. Then, sample from the...
View Resource Standard Errors and The Central Limit Theorm

This lesson introduces the Central Limit Theorem and discusses it in terms of the normal distribution, binomial distribution, and Poisson distribution.
View Resource Poem: The Normal Law

"The Normal Law" is a poem whose words form the shape of the normal density. It was written by Australian-American chemist and statistician William John ("Jack") Youden (1900 - 1971). The poem was...
View Resource Video: 500 Trials

A video to teach about the central limit theorem and various issues in one-sample hypothesis testing. The lyrics and video were created by Scott Crawford from the University of Wyoming. The music is...
View Resource *Using an Applet to Demonstrate a Sampling Distribution

This in-class demonstration combines real world data collection with the use of the applet to enhance the understanding of sampling distribution. Students will work in groups to determine the average...
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