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Statistical Topic is Probability -- Elementary Probability
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View Resource Explorations with Chance

In this lesson, students examine probabilities of outcomes. Cast in a gamelike context, reasoning about probability can be stimulated by questions of fairness. Students will predict and determine...
View Resource DAU StatRefresher: Basic Probability

This interactive tutorial on Basic Probability helps students understand the basic concepts of probability, define independent and compound events, use the basic properties of probability, understand...
View Resource True-False Quizzes for "Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus (2nd Ed.)

This site contains 19 true/false quizzes that cover the topics like sets and counting, probability, random variables and statistics, Markov systems, and game theory. The computer automatically...
View Resource Racing Game with One Die

This applet allows the user to simulate a race where the results are based on the roll of a die. For each outcome of the die, the user chooses which player moves forward. Then that car moves forward...
View Resource An Introduction to Probability

This tutorial introduces the basic concepts of probability using various examples. Topics include interpreting probability, calibration experiments, interpreting odds, sample space, basic rules,...
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