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Statistical Topic is Probability -- Elementary Probability
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View Resource Probability in a Primary School

This reference material provides various activities and tasks, which help elementary aged children understand the concepts of probability.
View Resource The Chance and Probability Concepts Project

This article describes an investigation of what concepts and intuitions concerning random processes are present in the minds of children of varying abilities across the 11-16 age range. The ability...
View Resource Explorations for the Area Probability Applet

This website provides the URL of a Java applet and steps for using it. Here, students can manipulate the size of the circle and the rectangle to explore the probability that a point in the rectangle...
View Resource IDEAL Modules

The modules in this collection discuss numerous statistical topics with examples and Java applets. Topics covered: Variable Types; Calculations; Histograms; Moments; Quantiles; Probability...
View Resource An Illustration of Bootstrapping Using Video Lottery Terminal Data

The dataset described in this article contains information on 345 plays on an electronic slot machine and the prize for each. This data can be used to illustrate parametric bootstrapping and tests of...
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