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Statistical Topic is Probability
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View Resource Quote: Cowell on Odds

"Let me throw a mathematical dilemma at you - there`s 500 left. Well how come the odds of you winning are a million to one?" is a quote by British TV personality Simon Cowell (1959 - ). Cowell said...
View Resource Song: Probability

A song to teach various concepts in probability. Written by Mary Pat Campbell for Mathcamp 2002 at Colorado College. May be sung to the tune of "Take a Chance on Me" by ABBA
View Resource Quote: Mallarme on Random Thoughts

"Every Thought emits a Roll of the Dice." is the last line of the common translation of the 1897 poem "A Throw of the Dice Never will Abolish Chance," by French symbolist poet Stéphane...
View Resource Quote: Cicero on Probability

"To us, probability is the very guide of life" is the modern translation of a quote from Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C.E. - 43 B.C.E.) found in his 45 B.C.E. work De Natura Deorum...
View Resource Quote: Lindley on non-Bayesians

"Inside every nonBayesian there is a Bayesian struggling to get out." is a quote by British Bayesian Statistician Dennis V. Lindley (1923- ). The quote is also cited on page 497 of E.T. Jaynes 2003...
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