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Statistical Topic is Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Categorical Methods -- Goodness of Fit
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View Resource Mrs. Smart's AP Statistics Assignments

This site provides a set of daily activities with subjects including Chi Square Tests for Goodness of Fit, Chi Square Tests of Independence, and Hypothesis Tests Practice. To use the computer,...
View Resource An Oral Contraceptive Drug Interaction Study

This article describes data from a drug interaction study of a new drug and a standard oral contraceptive therapy. Both normal theory and distribution-free statistical analyses are provided along...
View Resource Trying To Be Random in Selecting Numbers for Lotto

This article presents data for examining the ability of individuals to choose numbers randomly. Three datasets of six-tuples selected by a lottery game, generated by S-Plus, and chosen by college...
View Resource Statistical Tools: Frequency Table

This page calculates the standard Chi-square test stastistic and Kruskal-Wallis statistic for data input by users.
View Resource Chi-Square Test for Known Distributions

This test checks whether an observed distribution differs from an expected distribution. It computes the chi-square statistic, degrees of freedom (DoF), and p-value. Users input a table with row...
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