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Statistical Topic is Statistical Inference and Techniques -- One Numerical Variable Methods -- Location
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View Resource IDEAL: Confidence Intervals

This module contains an applet which illustrates factors affecting the width of confidence intervals for means. Users can manipulate the values of the population mean, population standard deviation,...
View Resource Confronting Some Statistical Inference Misconceptions

This lesson poses a series of questions designed to challenge students' possible misconceptions of statistical inference and hypothesis testing. The lesson uses the statistical software, Fathom, and...
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Nonparametric Survival

This page calculates either estimates of accrual or power for null and alternative survival functions based on the non-parametric estimate of the survival distribution. The program also gives large...
View Resource What's Normal? -- Temperature, Gender, and Heart Rate

This article describes a dataset on body temperature, gender, and heart rate. It addresses concepts like true means, confidence intervals, t-statistics, t-tests, the normal distribution, and...
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Normal

This page calculates either sample size or power for a one sample normal problem. User inputs hypothesis test parameters.
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